History of Osteopathy

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still is considered the founder of Osteopathy.

He was born on the 6th of August 1828, son of a Methodist doctor, in Virginia, USA. Thanks to his father, who often took him along to his patients, Andrew came in contact with medicine at an early age.

As a doctor he soon became very frustrated about the many deaths after surgical operations and the few successful cures he could accomplish. When 3 of his children also died, he started to dedicate himself to new studies on anatomy and physiology. He discovered that the human body has the ability to self-heal.

The beginning of a new medicine – His moment of „enlightenment“ came, when he met a mother with her very ill child whilst out for a walk.
The child suffered from Diarrhoea – Cholera. Dr. Still went to their house with them and treated the child intuitively guided, with all his love. This was the beginning of Osteopathy, which translates to “Love for the tissue”. A new medicine emerged, which did not need any medication. A medicine, which didn’t fight the illness as such but rather dedicated itself to the person in its entirety.

A medicine, which helped a person to stimulate their own self-healing-powers in such a way that they could become healthy again. During the following years up to this day many intensive studies on cranio-sacral, visceral and parietal Osteopathy have been added. The techniques became specific and a “new science” emerged. The spiritual experience and the expansion of consciousness Dr. Still experienced at the time, influenced Osteopathy and the holistic view on people.

During my seminars I enable each participant to attain his own spiritual view point, to experience and invigorate his own healing qualities and love anew.