Voices of seminar participants and clients

During the EO course, I found the way to get along with the energy and power.

I learned to wait and follow, and trust that the rhythm will and can expand in the love of Divine Mother.

During the process of getting to know the rhythm, I found back my focus and the connection with the Divine Mother again and again, and I found the direction which I could follow.

This learning also supports me in my daily life, I have more respect to the people and what happens to them. It turns out every human being has so different kinds of rhythm and expansion.

It’s a process to realize the love from heaven to earth and the physical body to me.
Thank Kalu to bring such a course and share her profound love and respect to the body to us.






Ai Li Chen

The 10 days of Kalu’s training allowed me to contact the feelings and the sounds of my body and bottom of my heart. I started a journey to myself, to go through the situation that I had for many years with felt nothing and self-protection. The training triggered my deep longing, lay down my estrangement to the outer world, opened my heart and eyes. I heard my heart beat and my breath, I recognized the space of every organ which likes to stretch out, I experienced the rhythm and the wave of the cranial sacrum, I understood the space and the flexibility which every rib needs. 

Dear Kalu, thank you for bringing down the pyramid of the Divine Mother and the energy of crystal lights, thank you for coming to Taiwan Asia and helping us to integrate our body. 

Ta will provide the energetic osteopathy sessions in Taipei, Taiwan and wherever I go. 

Ta is my spiritual name, who connects Babaji’s white light, white fire and protection. I am an ACC and Shiva Shakti Lotus Healer as well. I learn natural therapy, body-mind-spiritual teaching and the Shamanic teaching.

參加Kalu老師十天的課程,讓我接觸到身體、心底深處的聲音及感受,開始一條穿越自己的道路,穿越封閉多年的無感與自我保護,碰觸到深處的渴望 打開了與外界的隔閡,打開我的心與眼,聽見心跳與呼吸聲. 感知身體裡每個器官渴望伸展的空間,經驗到頭薦骨裡的律動與潮汐,知曉每根肋骨所需要的彈性與空間。


Ta將提供這份能量整骨療程於台北市 台灣及我所到之處.

Ta是我的靈性名字,與Babaji的白光白火守護連結。也是Alpha Chi風水顧問及Shiva Shakti 蓮花療法的療育師,接觸自然療法與身心靈與薩滿的教導.


Ta Lotus

Everything which our soul wants to bring to the Earth musts come to our body first. Energetic Osteopathy let the physical body remember its nature and greatness, and unite with the soul more completely.


Himani Chu Yi-Tieh

For me energetic Osteopathy is the connecting link between spirituality, bio-energetics and the treatment of the body.
In a compact training course Kalu imparts coherent knowledge which is fully applicable in practice.
The training takes place in small groups and is quite intense, yet without ever creating the impression that we were short of time. Correlations and connections with many levels are well explained and we had plenty of opportunities to try everything out. The relatively high price is therefore justified.
I can highly recommend this seminar without hesitation to all who would like to discover this loving and gentle method for their treatment practice. Also those, who would like to educate themselves further in this field, will surely find interesting incentives for their work, through Kalu’s intense attention.

MUDr. Michal Pichanič

Doctor, Dresden

At first I thought that I really don’t need to take part in your seminar. After all I am a healing practitioner and a spiritual teacher and already work with gently manual body therapy and I couldn’t imagine that there was anything else I could learn in this field. Far from it! Every single day was a highlight. Your way of teaching, heaven and earth, imparting earthly knowledge with divine wisdom…. GENIOUS!

Saganja Derißen

Healing practitioner, Berlin

The body as a temple of the soul becomes a concrete experience within the therapist and the patient, spiritual perception develops.

Purin Werner Ohde

Healing practitioner, spiritual teacher, Essen

As a body therapist and Insha-healer of many years I learnt a wonderful and incredibly valuable method through energetic Osteopathy, which allows me to touch people on all levels of their being (body, mind and soul).
The body, existing blockages as well as their resolution become perceptible for the client and correlations can be experienced. Energetic Osteopathy links physical and spiritual treatments, perceivable for every person.
Besides the learnt techniques, I experienced the training course and each subsequent further education course as a profound learning path to more devotion for the healing work. My therapeutic work has gained tremendously through energetic Osteopathy. During each further training, Kalu’s way of teaching, and her ability to guide her participants through their fears and resistances into a greater state of being whole and healed, is impressive and exhilarating. Thank you Kalu for your wonderful work!

Bela Regula Weiß

Healer and body-therapist, Switzerland

I experienced deeply that the depth of healing the healer can provide is related to the depth which the healer is willing to be touched and healed.



Aisha (Aihua Ou Yang)

I spent my entire life looking for a thing which I didn’t know what it was until I was in Kalu Schreiber’s energy osteopathy course.
It’s the union of the soul, the physical body and the mind.
It’s not something you read in a book, you imagine in your mind or you see in meditation.
It’s a true feeling that you know your soul and body are no more apart.

過往生命中一直在尋找某樣不知名的東西,直到參加 Kalu Schreiber的能量整骨課程,我終於找到了。

Homa Ri

It’s the first time I felt and touched the soul because of the energetic osteopathy. When the soul and the body were one, I experienced the unprecedented comfort. So the body healing can work so deeply, I could feel every vertebrae nourished by love, every organ became vital. The old body traumas released, the fear memories from the traumas were cleansed, the body became soft and free. I truly felt I was on the Earth and be one with the body, soul and divine.


Ta Lin(Wei Jing)

Kalu Schreiber is a true master in this field. She merges her profound knowledge, her experience of many years and her spiritual alignment and inner connection with the universal levels of knowledge, from which the latest information just flows to her.
Her secret code: Her love for people and the deep wish to protect life, to heal what is hurt and to pass on this knowledge to the benefit of all.

RamJai Pixner

Healer, Healing-instructor, Meran

The entire course took place in a beautiful, warm atmosphere filled with wonderful respect for people. The guided meditations before the respective learning of a new organ system, opened up very different in-sights into the human body, compared to the normal practice in conventional medicine:
Hereby it’s not only a matter of healing the physical aspect of an organ, but also recognising and including the spiritual background of the person and therefore offering an extended approach to the healing of the respective symptoms. It is healing through treating and literally “hand-ling”.
Kalu is a fantastic, patient and loving teacher. Due to her studies in classical osteopathy she incorporates an immense amount of knowledge into the lessons. I was able to learn a lot from her experiences and the course did not only broaden my perspective in reference to my patients, but was also a personal gain for me.”


Doctor, Berlin

The experiences I made in your seminar are particularly important for my work as a healer. I learnt that such a direct contact with the body and the organs only works in cooperation with the soul. A truly special body-soul-mind experience!

Joana Borchert

Healing priestess, Stuttgart

Energetic Osteopathy Course with Kalu
You should really prick up your ears when Kalu demonstrates the techniques during the training, for what she says between the lines, is truly valuable knowledge, which she passes on from her treasure trove of experience.
Kalu shows how to fill the physical structures with light and love and how to lead them into a different type of freedom. In this freedom there are neither blockages nor pain.
Aside from that, the seminar includes an update on anatomical expert knowledge, which I appreciated a lot.
I really enjoy giving the treatments and I can highly recommend the seminar to everyone who enjoys to dive deeply into the healing-room with his client and who would like to equally include body and soul in the healing process.

Gunji Skufca

Healer and medical therapist, Bonn

In 2009 I took part in the training course “Energetic Osteopathy” with Kalu. Until this point I mainly offered Shiatsu, ayurvedic massages and foot reflexology in my holistic health practice.

Energetic Osteopathy made me curious as I promised myself a bigger choice of treatments for my clients. The training seminar did not disappoint me. With energetic Osteopathy one has the possibility to meet the clients on all levels!
As we also worked on each other during the training course, deeply rooted healing processes were set in motion within me. I had the feeling, that the seminar had saved me years of psychotherapy sessions. For five years I am already working with this wonderful treatment method now and time and time again I am astonished at the effect it has on some patients.
One client once said after a treatment: “I have the feeling that spring has arrived within my body again!” I can highly recommend this training course to everyone, who works with people, not only for their clients, but for themselves too.

It is exceptionally enjoyable – on all levels!

Arith Heidrun Wiggeshoff

Body-therapist, Beckum

Why is it good to touch the body?
In the short time of my energetic Osteopathy practice I could heal deeply rooted physical blockages astonishingly quickly and easily bring them into an common flow within the body again. At that point everything was right, the point in time and the treatment.
At times pain has already manifested so much on a physical level, that it also needs to be healed and resolved on this level. I am so delighted to have walked through my own resistances during this seminar and to feel alive within myself now. Thank you very much Kalu!

Grasan Nitsche

Healer, spiritual teacher, Tiengen