Kalu Schreiber

Founder of energetic Osteopathy



Loving touch transforms life.

This is my motto; I have often experienced it myself and consequentially created my own training course. As a spiritual teacher, healer and osteopath I experience it as my task and my greatest wish to touch people in a way so they begin to feel comfortable within their own body and are able to live a healthy and happy life.

My vision is a medicine, in which a person is regarded and treated as a whole, with all his levels of body, mind and soul, because this is a medicine which brings true healing and lets people come alive in all their potentials.

My contribution is energetic osteopathy.

In my school, I show doctors and therapists a way to find their individual healing approach in order to utilise a holistic path of feeling and integration of body, mind and soul during treatments.

Milestones summary

Educated and trained at the Sutherland Academy of Osteopathy, the Still Academy and the International Academy of Osteopathy, Kalu E. Schreiber D.O, Osteopathy graduate and spiritual teacher, collaborated with renowned lecturers such as Viola Fryman, Jean Pierre Barral, René Zweedijk and Paul Chauffour.

For many years she was leading her own osteopathy institute in Germany and in 2005, based on the classic osteopathy, she developed the new form of energetic Osteopathy, complimented by her special light-qualities and her extensive spiritual healing knowledge.

Today Kalu E. Schreiber is leading a successful practice in Kaliningrad and additionally works in a joint practice in Berlin on a regular basis. She trains therapists in France, Germany and Russia and holds versatile seminars around energetic osteopathy and holistic personality development.

About Kalu  – My story

The blue book

Very early on I discovered my delight about the human body.

My parents had a wonderful book on physical health, which was hidden in a bedroom dresser. At the age of 4 I came across it on one of my discovery tours. I was fascinated by the pictures. You could fold them open and fathom the body with all its secrets. I remember one particular folding picture, which depicted a pregnant woman and the growing baby in her belly. I was thrilled and touched to discover the secret of life…

Growing and healing through illness

When I fell seriously ill at the age of seven and spent many months in hospital due to nephrosis, I made my first experiences with the health system and the handling of people and illnesses.

Already then I felt that my body was being “treated” but I didn’t feel touched and included. Later I discovered that the reason for my illness had a lot to do with the fact that I didn’t want to stay in this life, the way I was experiencing it. I longed for more: touch, contact, seeing each other and true, loving interactions rather than a life of rules and rigid beliefs, which had very little to do with me and my inside…

For me, healing becomes possible when we attentively recognize and lovingly speak the language of all the levels and realms within the body.

Physiotherapy – Training and development

At the age of 19 I began an apprenticeship as a physiotherapist. After this I worked in the clinic for manual therapy in Hamm/Westphalia. Later on I took over deputy management of a physiotherapy department in a private clinic as well as teaching at the DGMM (German association for manual medicine) and enjoyed a grand reputation with doctors and the clinic’s management.

When the new sector of psychotherapy was opened at the clinic, I was introduced to areas of bioenergetics by Lowen and Gestalt therapy by Perls and my interest in spiritual work began to grow.

At the same time I attended seminars in the early 80s about cranio sacral therapy by Harry Friedman, doctor of osteopathy from San Francisco.

Cranio – Osteo and my own practice

The cranio-sacral therapy is a part of the classic osteopathy but is also taught separately. This work was a revelation for me. Via my ability to feel I was able to go deeply into contact with the patient/client, creating harmony and a positive flow within the entire physical system in such depth which was unknown to me until then.

Katja, my daughter (4) was wearing glasses then. She was heavily cross eyed and to date a possible alternative therapy was unknown. After the second osteopathy treatment, my daughter gave her pink kids spectacles with thick double glass as a gift to the therapist. In less than 6 months we accomplished successful treatment of this “eye condition”. To this day she does not need glasses and can see perfectly.

After six intensive years of work and study in the clinic for manual therapy, I finally opened my own practice for physiotherapy and later also Osteopathy with 10 employees.

Further education in acupuncture, ear acupuncture by Yamamoto and Shiatsu followed. Further well known osteopaths, such as René Zweedjek, Jean Pierre Barral und Paul Chauffour („The Mechanical Link“) were my teachers.

After the successful completion of these long and intense years of learning with my title D.O. – graduate osteopath, a new door opened for me with a spiritual seminar (2001). Already during the seminar I could perceive my further path. I found my spiritual teacher Agni and the dormant visions within me were awakened.

Spiritual education

What followed was my training to become an „Alpha Chi Consultant“, and later my training as a healer and spiritual teacher.

Whilst visiting healer colleagues in Florida, I offered osteopathy treatments. While I was working it appeared that I began to integrate the energy healing methods into osteopathy and therefore achieve even more profound healing.

Soon after an impulse developed inside of me to create my own training for “energetic Osteopathy – The body as a temple of the soul” which connected my various educations and healing techniques with each other.

Today I am training healers, doctors and therapists in a 9-day training course in energetic Osteopathy.

During the training course I impart the essence and structure of the “whole osteopathy” combined with the subtle diagnosis – and healing methods of the new energy medicine. This training takes place in 2 parts; and during the “practice time” I am available as supervisor.

I am now teaching this training since 2006 and I cordially invite all “healers”, doctors and therapists who want to newly discover and deepen their abilities.

It makes me infinitely happy
to experience how healers as well as clients come to an experience of being
touched in their hearts and that healing in the age of energy medicine
adopts a new form.

Kalu Schreiber - Interview - Energetic Osteopathy