Energetic Osteopathy

The body as a temple of the soul

Healing Course “energetic Osteopathy” 

A 3-day Healing course

Through the initiation into new healing- and perception levels this seminar offers therapists and spiritual healers the possibility to expand their knowledge concerning the cranio-sacral systems, the organ systems and the treatment of the spine as well as the integration of new diagnosis- and treatment methods in their work.

The special thing about Energetic Osteopathy for me is that
I have the possibility to touch both body and soul and
to dive into a holy space of unity with my client.

Healing Course Energetic Ostepathy

Contents of the introduction course:

Day 1

The cranio-sacral rhythm

  • This rhythm begins at the moment when the soul enters the body and ends when the soul exits the body again. It creates itself around the life- and death point and, similar to the breath, moves our body. It is expression of our vitality!
  • Learning to feel: Different body rhythms on the head, the sacral bone, the arms and legs.
  • Treatment: Harmonising the cranio-sacral rhythms, alleviation of tension in the dura matar (meninx) within the spinal column.

Day 2

Introduction into the organ system

  • Localising the position of the organs (liver, stomach, pancreas, spleen, bladder, uterus, heart, mediastinum and lungs).
  • Learning to feel: Individual organ movement
  • Treatment: Individual organ movement in correlation with the chakras, the elements and the meridians.

Day 3


  • Examination of the entire spine, detection and resolution of the dominant blockages.
  • Guiding the spine into devotion.

Please bring along: Comfortable, soft clothing (track suit) and eyeliner pencil (preferably black/dark). On the third day we work on the bare back.

For me, healing becomes possible when we attentively recognize and lovingly speak the language of all the levels and realms within the body.

You want to discover your own healer-potential and extend your treatment possibilities?

Course instructor:
Kalu Schreiber D.O., Spiritual teacher

 $ 1100,00



In April 2024