Energetic Osteopathy 2

Training course in Energetic Osteopathy

6-day update for participants in Energetic Osteopathy Level 1

The special thing about energetic Osteopathy is for me to be able to touch both body and soul and to dive into a holy space of unity with my client.

In the level II course we intensify and extend our work on the body in connection with the divine mother (Babaji), the soul of the client, the universe and the morphological field.

You will learn special techniques for pregnant women and newborns.
You will also learn to treat the Craniosacral system on different levels and learn a new treatment of the facial skull.

During those 6 days you will have the opportunity to submerge yourself deeper into the energy and further train your perception.

Gewebe und Knochen am Schädel prüfen

Contents of the course:

  • Examination and treatment of the facial skull – viscerocranium
  • Examination and treatment of: jaw joint, teeth. Throat fasciae, hyoid, thyroid and cricoid.
  • Examination and treatment of the paranasal sinuses and frontal sinuses
  • Examination and treatment of the eyes and their surrounding
  • Examination and treatment of newborns and children
  • Treatment during pregnancy
  • Treatment in the morphological field
  • Treating of „spaces“, so they can heal themselves in connection with the universe
Das Zusammenspiel der einzelnen Strukturen des Schädels erfühlen
For me, healing becomes possible when we attentively recognize and lovingly speak the language of all the levels and realms within the body.

You want to discover your own healer-potential and extend your treatment possibilities?

Course instructor:
Kalu Schreiber D.O., Spiritual teacher

€ 2800,00

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