The body as a temple of the soul

Energetic Osteopathy – The energy medicine for a healthy future

Osteopathic Vision is a medicine which sees and treats the human being in its entirety, including all levels of body, mind and spirit. A medicine which brings healing and lets therapists and clients alike, come alive in their potentials.

Part of this is to give medics, healers and therapists the opportunity in a school, to expand and deepen their own thinking and feeling. Techniques, which establish a new relationship to the own body and dissolve the causes of problems at their source.

News for the training in energetic osteopathy!

From 2020 I will treat the participants in the energetic osteopathy training with my core competence “brainmelting”. (See I gave it for the first time in the first training course and the success was immediately noticeable and visible. The new can easily be taken up and implemented through free perception. The participants are wonderfully expanded in their chakras, calmly connected to themselves and the divine mother. This makes this training even more intensive and valuable for the participants! Of course, this initiation is voluntary and without further costs for the participants.

My vision is to reach many people,
so they can experience their bodies once again as temples of their soul.

 Are you a doctor, therapist, or healer and are longing to accompany your patients holistically and effectively to their healing, to their well-being?

What are you longing for in relation to your body, treatments and your path?

 Are you a patient and desire a treatment in which you are perceived as a WHOLE, with all that you are?


I am inviting you on this page, to inform yourself about the development, possibilities and successful cures of Energetic Osteopathy.

Under the category “School” you can find training courses and further education as well as workshops and seminars.

Individual treatment sessions can be booked here .

Experience your being-a-healer and being whole in  new power and clarity. Learn to listen to the orchestra of your body, mind and soul. Trust your inner guidance and learn to surrender yourself fully. This way you immerse yourself in the silence of unity – the level on which healing takes place.

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