Energetic Osteopathy
for midwives & doulas

3-day further-education training

Energetic Osteopathy for midwives & doulas

During pregnancy a woman needs intense support. Since long midwives and doulas play an important role hereby. Also the good care of the newborn and the mother is very important in the first weeks after birth and can be vital in case of complications or physical problems of mother or baby.

This seminar offers midwives and doulas the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the cranio-sacral system, the organ system and the treatment of the spine on expecting mothers and newborns through the initiation into new healing- and perception levels, and also to integrate new diagnosis- and treatment methods into their work.

My experience of many years has shown that a good treatment can stop traumas from occurring or that it can heal them quickly.

Contents of the further-education

Day 1

The personal potential and the cranio-sacral rhythm

  • With the help of exercises and initiations, the personal potential becomes conscious. During past-life-regression work to one’s own origin, the personal incarnation path will be experienced.
  • The cranio-sacral rhythm begins in the moment when the soul enters the body, thus at birth. It creates itself at the life- and death point and similar to our breath, moves our body.
  • Learning to feel: Different body rhythms on the head, the sacral bone, the arms and legs.

Day 2

Anatomy and learning to feel

  • Cranium anatomy and physiology
  • Feeling asymmetry in the scull
  • Diagnosis – Examination of the dura mater, falx cerebri, tentorim cerebelli
  • Cranio-sacral treatment on a baby: What needs to be considered?
  • Healing of the birth trauma


  • Examination of the pelvis and the lumbar spine
  • Fascial techniques on the pelvis diaphragm, thorax diaphragm, throat diaphragm
  • Treatment: Harmonising the cranio-sacral rhythm, alleviation of tension within the dura mater (meninx) in the spinal column.

Day 3

Examination and treatment of a newborn

  • Localizing the cranio-sacral rhythm of the child –relaxation of the skull base and the spine.
  • Recognizing and harmonising of asymmetries, alterations of the cranio-sacral rhythm and tensions in the spine.
  • Treatment of the Cranial basis – occiput – atlas and axis


  • Treatment of own clients, pregnant women and newborn babies – and ideal opportunity to apply the newly learnt knowledge under supervision.
For me, healing becomes possible when we attentively recognize and lovingly speak the language of all the levels and realms within the body.

You want to discover your own healer-potential and extend your treatment possibilities?

Course instructor:
Kalu Schreiber D.O., Spiritual teacher

€ 590,00

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