BREATH – Healing from WITHIN

BREATH – Healing from WITHIN

You are given the breath of life
Open up for the streaming
Let everything go
and relax

The breath, the most important exchange between you and the world

Our breath also moves the organs. Each breath, which flows naturally and free, for example moves the kidneys by 2cm. This means that in 24h the kidneys have “travelled” almost an entire kilometre. This motion creates energy and well-being.
Very often however our abdomen is tight and tensed from stress and wrong fitness-training. The diaphragm no longer moves in its natural rhythm. Our breath cannot stream freely, meaning the abdomen doesn’t arch out during breathing in and becomes flat again whilst breathing out.

We have forgotten to let go and to relax. For your serenity and to gather your energy again, I want to show you with this little exercise how you can set your organs in motion again and energise them yourself.

A good time to practice this is before bedtime or after work.

1. Lie down relaxed on your back. If you have calming music, you can put it on in the background.
2. Close your eyes and turn your attention inwards. Gently focus on your breath.
3. Simply feel, how your breath is coming and going, without any effort.
4. On inhalation, you breathe in calmness and a “liquid” light energy. As you exhale you relax your muscles and let your thoughts flow without putting any emphasis on them.
5. After a few breaths you will notice, that you start to become calmer and that your body has a better contact to the ground.
6. Now, lay your hands on your lower abdomen and feel your belly arching with each inhalation and flattening again with each exhalation.
7. If your abdomen does not arch out or if you cannot perceive any motion, take a few deep breaths and make a sigh as you are breathing out.
8. Then you come back to your natural breathing rhythm and feel it with your hands on your abdomen.
9. Let your breath flow down into your pelvis, your root chakra. And let your consciousness rest there.
10. Visualize the energy in your root chakra. Let it be or become a red light which expands and flows down your legs and connects you to the earth. Feel the strength and trust which unfolds in your pelvis.
11. With each breath you take let fresh energy, oxygen and your love flow into each and every cell of your body and as you are breathing out you let go of everything. As you are resting in this consciousness, say goodbye to the day.